What to do about LastPass

  • 31 December 2022
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Heard about the breach and I was wondering if we need to do anything? I use a long master password with mixed letters, numbers and special characters. 

Do we continue to use Lastpass?

Do we need to change all our passwords?

Should we switch to another password manager?

Should we even use a password manager at all?

Are you still using Lastpass and are you going to continue?

I was always reluctant to use a password manager because I feared this very thing. But then I gave in and it was nice not to have to remember all those passwords; especially ones that you don’t use often. Now I’m not so sure nice was enough. I also use 2FA when available.

Luckily I refused to store any financial passwords in this or any manager.

I tried to look up info on these very questions but I did not find what I was looking for. Thus this post.



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2 replies

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Also is there anyway to know if there was an intrusion into LastPass account.

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Hello @Kev914 

I posted this just a few hours ago:

Here’s an interesting video worth listening too on LastPass: