my optimize scan area is blank since i renewed my subscription by calling the company

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That would be wonderful! I can not thank you enough! Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you!
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Hi Nic! Hope you had a greak weekend. I sent you a PM.
Thanks again for your help!
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@BB97 wrote:
Hi Nic! Hope you had a greak weekend. I sent you a PM.
Thanks again for your help!
Yep, it was a productive weekend, thanks 🙂  I replied to your PM with the new keycode details.  Please let me know if that does the trick!
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Thanks Nic! You are the BEST!
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Up and running! Thanks again Nic! 
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Sure thing!
Okay, Hi Guys, it's nice to be around you again. I had been absent because non of the fixes fixed the problem. Of course I hadn't gone the best buy ticket thing yet.  I'm about to do this now. I had gotten very discouraged so I left it alone for a moment. But  really need my Optimizer, so here I return :@  Like everyone here I also am  tired of seeing this subject up on the board. Away I go to to download the Best Buy copy...... or do I just need to go for the ticket? I hope you see my underhanded manner for showing confidence while i OBVIOUSLY scream for directions! 😃 Once again thanks for being here for me. You all arr Here For Only Me..........Right!!!;)
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Hello again :)
If nothing has worked, at this time you DO need to submit a Trouble Ticket with Webroot.
From the information earlier in this thread, it looks like you may have originally had a Best Buy Subscription, but since you have renewed directly with Webroot somehow or purchased a new key code directly from Webroot, and so my guess is that currently your key code is NOT a Best Buy key code.
@ I am sorry to bother you here, but can you double check the key code type (Best Buy or not) and the Ticket Status?
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Hello @ !
I may be able to shed a little light on this as I recently had a Best Buy subscription and then purchased a keycode from Webroot.
Looking back at your posts, I take it you uninstalled? I had a problem when I entered the new keycode in the console. I did a post about my experience, you can find it  https:///t5/Introduce-yourself-to-the/adding-installing-a-new-keycode-vs-renewal-my-experience/td-p/120644
You have a Webroot keycode now, so you want to download it from here
I suggest you back up your password manager by exporting your files.
If it has not been done already, you may want contact support to have them move your password files to the new keycode
Open your browser and sign on to your password manager using the toolbar icon

Uninstall Webroot, 
Restart your computer
Install WSA from here
If you are prompted to import your previous setting, answer NO
Once installed, enter the keycode  you received from Nic
Go to your Webroot Account Console (online web consule)
sign in (DO NOT click on renew)
click on manage keycodes to add your new keycode to your console

In the next panel enter your new keycode, click add
If you can not sign in, create your account again, I had to do that and all my info was there.
Once you create the account you will see this,select use your existing account

You do need to add your PC to the new keycode
When you sign in to MyWebroot, click on the NEW keycode, then PC Security

See if that works for you. It did for me.
It cant hurt to open a support ticket now. If this works, you can update them.
Let us know! 
Well thank you,.......... you are  correct about me uninstalling and reinstalling sometimes other than here.  I can't remember which one was which..... So I will try your stuff. thanx.
I'll give you a heads up re: my outcome later.............hopefully in the positive realm!
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I've also put in a ticket for support to contact you @ so you should hear from them soon.