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SecureAnywhere™ Mobile for Android

Version (Released July 17, 2013)
  • Updated our recent code to detect apk files with multiple .DEX files to address a recent published exploit.
  • Changed the way we detect multiple .DEX files to not FP on embedded/nested APK files.

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Thanks Mike got it. ;)
From about 5 days I have experimented a heavy slowing down on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (4.1.2), I think it started after the update, what can I do?
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Please try uninstalling/reinstalling Webroot from the Google Play Store and see if the slowing continues. 
Alternatively, one of our technicians can assist you and collect mobile logs here
I removed and reinstalled the software, but after a few minutes the problem has come back, without the antivirus everything works properly.
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Hello robertoselmi,
So you removed it from the device and reinstalled it and the problem persists?  It might help support to know a few additional details: the make and model of the phone,and how much memory space is available on the phone, both interal and SD card.
I know on my older phone, I am very very short on internal storage, and this results in degraded performance.  Just a guess that maybe this might be an issue with your phone?
I neglected to see that you did post the type of phone.. sorry about that!!!
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As it happens, I'm running a Galaxy Note 2 as well, and I'm not experiencing a performance impact from the update. So we can rule out the issue being device-specific. I agree mobile logs would be beneficial to some extent. Are you running any other security software in conjunction with Webroot on the device?
Yes I running Avast with Webroot for five months, without any problem
2,15 GB internal memory and 52 GB external
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In a conflict situation, uninstalling either app should "solve" the problem temporarily, which would confirm it as a conflict issue. Please uninstall Avast while leaving Webroot active on the device and see if the issue persists. If so, it will narrow things down a bit.

To some extent, it could just be the amount of stuff running at once - Webroot being the straw that broke the camel's back. So another thing to do is find some other app that is always running in the background and disable or uninstall it to see if the issue persists.
I uninstalled Avast, reinstalled Webroot, the device has had for 15 minutes a heating problem, it is now back to normal, however, before the upgrade everything was normal. Having the straw that breaks the camel should be detectable by some index linked to the processor, how do I check that?
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Roberto, you can see from the release notes themselves that the update only causes Webroot to look for a threat it hasn't looked for previously. It doesn't make sense that this would cause an overheating issue on your device. There are also no other reports of this issue, and we have the same model device here for testing. If your device is overheating, I would suggest contacting your carrier or Samsung.
Now, without Avast installed, work fine.
Now I have no more problems, the heating was probably related to the initial scan of the antivirus, now everything works perfectly, thanks for the support.
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It looks like Avast being the heater :D Seriously, I don't offend any security vendor, everybody is trying its best and I respect them all but there is always one who is on the top and keeps the primacy ... the Webroot community knows who is it, isn't it? ;)
Another question, when I try to make a request to update the phone software I get a message that shows that the phone has been changed, but I did not do any modification to the Android software, the Samsung Service responds that it is necessary to carry the phone in assistance to reinstall the operating system, Webroot can check if there are any changes in Android?
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WSA cannot trace Android system changes unless a phone is infected. In such a case WSA will clean malwares off the system. However it doesn't seem it is your case. It looks rather like system problem itself. Though there might be a tiny chance that it is caused by WSA, I mean that WSA blocks some system files but as I said it is really theoretical chance to happen. Anyway to exclude this possibility you can always try to uninstall WSA and update your system.
Ok, I try, thank you.
Ok, with or without WSA I have the same issue.
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@ wrote:
Ok, with or without WSA I have the same issue.
Hmm ... I thought that WSA isn't the culprit but you never know ... Please accept my apologies I encouraged you to try to uninstall WSA. :$
I am very sorry but I don't have other recommendation than to turn on your carrier or Samsung service. :(
Unfortunately, the problems started again yesterday, the phone started to freeze, the only way to unlock it is to restart by holding down the power button, after at least twenty blocks occurred in two days without any particular reason, apart from the 'increase in temperature of the processor or GPU, I uninstalled WSA and the operation of the phone is normalized ...
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Sorry to hear there is still an issue. I am on a mobile device, so it is difficult to go back through the entire discussion. Have you previously filed a Trouble Ticket for this? If so, you might want to file a follow up on it to see Support has any further ideas.

It seems similar to a problem I had in the past when the mobile version was having problems reading items on my SD card due to a hardware issue, but it could be caused by a number of issues I am sure.