Installing WebRoot on 2016 Windows Server

  • 2 September 2020
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When installing WebRoot Secure Anywhere on a 2016 server do you need to change the policy in the Console to “Server” before installing on the Server.

I have installed all so far with “unmanaged” policy until I get use to the software. 

Should I uninstall and reinstall with Server Policy instead of unmanaged or can I change the policy within the program?


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Hello @UDaMan50 


I will ping someone who knows! @coscooper 



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@UDaMan50  - agent can be installed on a server with any policy you’d like to start/test against. Many folks let the default policy for all workstations to be assigned to the server and change it later. You can change the policy at any time without an uninstall/install process taking place. Just reassign the policy in the admin console any time you’d like.

Best practice is to make a copy of the built in policies as they’re editable. The builtins are fine for getting started, but if you need to make a change, a copy is better.

Some good reference links:

General Guides -

Admin console Best Practices -