Xbox One or PS4...or neither?

  • 12 November 2013
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Fellow Webroot Community members - As you may well be aware (I'll remind you anyway), November is unofficially new gaming console month with both heavyweights (Microsoft and Sony) due to release their new-gen machines within the next 1-2 weeks in the US (this Friday, Nov 15 for the PS4 and next Friday, Nov 22 for the Xbox One).
My questions to all of you - are you planning to purchase one of the consoles? If so, which one, and why? What features appeal most to you? What don't you like? What do you still need to see/know before making a decision?

To help out, ARS Technica has put together two very useful articles to help compare. You can read them here...and here. Also, IGN has a list for confirmed PS4 games and confirmed Xbox One games

So who will you choose this time around...Sony? Microsoft? Or neither? Chime on in! :D


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14 replies

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ITT dirty console peasants
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For the first time I am very disappointed by the next generation of consoles. The thought of day 1 DLC,season passes, ingaming advertising is leaving me cold. Not to mention that none of the games really look that impressive. I was really looking foward to them a few years ago now not so much. Thankfully I build myself a stonking PC last year so I can use that until I decide if I want to get a Xbox one. 
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I won't be getting either.
I prefer my Nintendo Company stuff.
I own a 3ds xl and a Wii U now!
I have a nintendo Wii which got boxed up because I got the Wii U (My family gave me most of the cash and I had some saved up for it. So partial Early!).
At the moment, everything is pretty much looking "Why Bother" like...

There are some good features that would be interesting to see (such as PS Vita hook up finally working, and skype as part of the whole entertainment package) but nothing that really blows the pants off you.

And as an article I recently read pointed out, none of the next gen consoles have the capability to play current gen games... So you'll be forking out megabucks on something that you wont get much out of... Or am I just missing the point here?
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I am not psyched about the console selection this season either.  None of the features excite me.  The PS Vita integration would be great, if I intended to buy a PS Vita, which I don't. 
Xbox One has a lot of extra entertainment features, but I already have my TV set up the way I like it.  And I don't fancy paying an extra $100 for stuff I don't need.
Ultimately, I might buy the PS4 for its power/hi-def options, but I'll probably wait a year until they have more games I like.  Sooooooooo sad it's not backwards compatible.  A really bad move on Sony's part, imo!  If it were backwards compatible, I might be buying it now.
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Doesnt help that most of the "Cool" feautres on the Xbox one only work in the US leaving the rest of us with nothing. 
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Neither...hardcore PC gamer...consoles are like a straight jacket way too confining.
PC and if I'm feeling nostalgic I'll throw out an emulator or go to and relive my youth...
Atari and NES were my platforms of choice in my pre-PC existence then I met Sid Myer's Civilization and it was on from that...(I'm not counting the was a little of both console/PC :p)
I do see the value for the console if you just want to pick up and game...and if I had to choose I'd choose the XBox...I've never really been a big fan of Sony...
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At the moment, my household is opting out of either one. Once there is a better selection of games we will reconsider, but it just isn't worth the money to us at this point.

Sorry 12 year old of mine: keep the old Playstation a little bit longer!
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I bought a PS4.
Need for Speed: Rivals
Locked to 30FPS.
Driving at 170MPH
Locked at 30FPS
I hate it =(
The launch titles aren't that great, I'm waiting for the real next-gen games to release in 2014.
Xbox One is what I decided upon.  I wanted an entertainment system and not just a gaming console, which is something I could enjoy with my entire family.
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I want the ps4 badly but I agree with about everyone else as well, I won't buy till they come out with more games I won't buy, but the ps4 is an upgrade, all they really did with the Xbox is polished the 360 since it "supports" not capable of 4k and you have to have the webcam on at all times..... That is a little weird
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I dont quite get this obsession with 60+ FPS in modern gaming, back in the day if you got 25 Frames you were happy. 30 FPS is more than enough, I have seen people running games at lower resolutions to get 100+ FPS which is crazy.
I dont see how people think the Xbox 1 is an upgrade to the 360 the PS4 and Xbox one are very very similar in hardware terms. In fact they are probably the most identical hardware lineups that we have ever seen in opposing consoles.
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I've tried the console thing a few times but it's just not for me, I'll stick w PC gaming.
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PC gamer master race reporting in