Tweet about new features - Do you agree?

  • 2 October 2012
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Tweet from@Mathew30
ive noticed within a short period of time with@webroot #secureanywhere that its not a cpu or page file memory hog, which is vital View on Web
Mathew30, one of our @Webroot Twitter followers, was quick to share his opinions of our 2013 SecureAnywhere version. Some features he loved, others not so much.
Mathew loves the “blindlingly fast” scan speeds, saying they’re even faster than before. He also appreciates the fact that the program doesn’t bog down his CPU and page file memory. That being said, Mathew does think that the new interface is more complicated, making it harder for the average user to find a setting. Another area of concern for him is an issue I haven’t seen before. For some reason, he can only copy and paste the keycode when installing using the ctrl C/ctrl V commands.
Mathew’s feedback is very valuable…So is yours! What do all of our Community members think about these insights? Have any of you noticed any of these issues?
How do you like the 2013 product compared to 2012 in general?
What’s better? What’s worse? Anything that you’re missing?
Anything that’s been added that now you can’t do without?
Chime away people! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

7 replies

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"Mathew does think that the new interface is more complicated, making it harder for the average user to find a setting"
I don't think so. The new 2013 interface is a lot easier for finding settings. 😉
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I find Webroot's own Twitter account interesting to follow. Obviously I'm not aware of comments made by others unless they're retweeted or I'm also following that person.
With over 6,000 code changes in the latest release, there are a lot of changes. I've not found any to dislike. The only thing that could be 'disrupting' is the real-time stats on the main GUI. Personally I think ' x number of system events have been inspected since installation' would have sufficed. There will come a point when there's no room in the line for the ever-increasing figure, assuming the system isn't shut down. 😉
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I have had no issues whatsoever.The program miraculously manages to be even lighter than 2012 which i didn't expect.I have found the interface quite easy to navigate.Guess some people don't like change,but i've had no problems finding what i wanted to get to from day 1.Love the addition of the zero day shield.Joe and the rest of the team did a superb job at optimizing the code and making WSA lighter,tighter,and meaner.Scans on average for me are about 25 percent faster than 2012.I do not use the backup and sync feature as i have an imaging program that does a superb job.The integrated system analyzer is a nice feature for the more novice user as it does provide some very useful information.Scored a 100 there first time i ran it.The password manager i have found to be quite useful.While i can remember every passowrd i have,as well as every cc number i've ever had,locker combos from my high school days,etc,it's always great to have that security blanket should you happen to forget something.I'm not exactly a spring chicken should you get infected,you get free support and all that goes along with that.Webroot has definitely earned my business and loyalty.You have people here that are always quite helpful and knowledgeable,plus you have devs like Joe Jaroch and people like Daniel that go out of their way not only to help people here,but also in the wilder's forums.Webroot bends over backwards for it's customers.No other company in the industry goes all out the way Webroot does to satisfy it's customers.It's been a sincere pleasure having Webroot on 2 of my machines for almost a year now and not having to worry about infections.Renewal time will be coming up in a bit over 2 months and i fully intend on renewing.Thanks Webroot for keeping my pcs safe and my digital life as stress free as possible:D
I do need to add, my comments were made after only a few hours with the software and i was looking for a specific option in the UI, which it took me over 3 minutes to find. and when i find myself clicking tabs and going through the whole UI just for 1 thing , that to me would be frustrating for the normal user . especially for people that are not so used to computers, or like myself have a bit of a hard time learning the new layouts for software aswell as O/S's

saying this how ever, after going back to the programme after a few hours and simply having a general look and "wonder about" i did find the UI to be rather nicely laid out, but then again this could be down to my more experienced computer head switching on .

and the comment "some people dont like change" the last time i had tried the "new" trail was back in 2011 i think and i was about to beta test their new UI , so i remember when it was changing layout etc back then and THAT was massively different and much improved for today than back then

I have to agree with the last words from you, stating webroot is likely amongst the very top in support and friendliness, but also the pure fact you dont start screaming at your system because theres a scan happening and suddenly your system cant move, or the scan wont stop when YOU the user tells it to stop. its VERY nice to see a company like this listen and create action from the comments made by even trail users and not treat us like oiks and morons like other sftware companys i have had major issues with such as vreveal / mixmiester / fusion / nero/ mcafee / norton. amongst others (many of my battles and comments are on my twitter@mathew30

although much of thre above companys are not in the same field as webroot, its the way they treat customers or future customers that matters, and not being blasted for being honest about their attitude (i was called out as a lair by mixmiester on twitter for saying how bad their customer support was, and then when i rightly stated i had email backup proof of theit twitter comments to me ) they suddenly went quite.

I also liked the simple feature of copying the file name after a scan, so that we the user can google the item and see what its about. now granted some if not most of us have enough experince to understand whats a risk and whats not, but again some people are not so experinced and will be placing a lot of trust into software installed onto their system, so it was nice for this simple action.

oh and it took only 46 seconds to scan over 35k files
yep i have to admit when i first say the real time stats at the front, i thought oh fo god sake why is a company like webroot following the age old "fake activity".

personally i dont really see the point in wasting UI space and even potentially scaring of potential customers becuase of this, but to me it gives that over whelming feel that webroot are trying to shout it out loud due to lack of confidence that they need to show how good its working
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I preferred the original UI, with the menus down the left hand side.
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@ wrote:
yep i have to admit when i first say the real time stats at the front, i thought oh fo god sake why is a company like webroot following the age old "fake activity".
The thing is though is it's not "fake activity". Further info can be drilled down by clicking on 'View Details'. My only concern is the amount of UI space required to display the rolling stats should the computer not be shut down. It is going to increase with the amount of event activity taking place.
Currently on my machine WSA has recorded 30.1 billion system events since installation. I think it would suffice to just say that. But that is only my opinion. :)